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8 Responses to CONTACT US

  1. Sameena Khan says:

    Dear Girlies

    I e-mailed you yesterday to book Tiffany and I onto your next event but please could we amend this to bookings for all future events in advance. We will definitely be there at all of them. If not, for whatever reason, we will let you know in advance!

    Many thanks

    Sameena (& Tiffany)


  2. Maria says:

    Hi there, wondered if i could get two onto the reserve list for the next event.


  3. Nicky Phillips says:

    erm just realised it’s the 9th and I’m a tool. I’m off to hit myself with something.

  4. Keightley says:

    Hi, myself and friends are planning to come early tonight to get space at the door for the class. I was wondering how many late minute places you had and what time they normally fill up?


  5. Bo Linder says:

    Hello, – I have just discovered ART MACABRE and I very much like the site.
    – But why are there so few male models and photo objects ?
    I appreciate variation.

    Best regards
    Bo Linder (dancer and model)

    • Hi Bo
      Thanks for your interest and comments.
      We do often have male as well as female models, plus also trans models and we try to represent as diverse models as we can. It is true that there are more often female models than males, especially represented on the website photos, but lately we’ve had male models posing at recent salons and we have others scheduled in for future events at our The Dead Sea event for example, and our recent Punk is Dead event featured a male model. We tend to have more female models, as we started as a feminist series of salons, but have indeed now expanded to feature male models too. We also have a lot more women get in touch to model, and have in fact recently put out adverts for more male models to try and balance this. If there are more male models who’d like to model with us, then we’d love to hear from them! Thanks, Nikki

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