Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre

EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE 2015 Autumn to Spring 2016


Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre presents…

Tower of Love:Romance is Dead Monday 15 February 2016, 6.30-9pm / SOLD OUT

Guest artist: Lozzy Bones

A post-Valentines sketching special, dedicated to those who died at the Tower in the name of love. Enter the drama and tragedy of the Tudor court, and explore Henry VIII’s doomed love affair with Anne Boleyn. Sketch our costumed models, posing as their ghosts at the site of her burial in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. Plus create miniature love tokens with guest artist Lozzy Bones, in the Chapel’s crypt.


Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre presents

Witchcraft and Dark Arts Tuesday 15 March 2016, 6.30-9pm

Guest artist: Jason Atomic

Last year, archaeologists unearthed new evidence of protection against witchcraft and demonology carved and buried within the Tower’s walls. Discover the dark secrets of these ‘apotropaic marks’ and the compelling power of symbols at this after-hours theatrical drawing event. Sketch your own designs inspired by the history of witchcraft, sorcery and demonology at the Tower – under the watchful eye of guest artist Jason Atomic.

Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre presents

Ravens and Morbid Corvids, Wednesday 13 April 2016, 6.30-9pm / SOLD OUT

Guest: The Ravenmaster and the ravens!

Legend has it that if the ravens should ever leave the fortress walls, the Tower and the kingdom will fall. In this unique event we’ll explore mythology, folklore and true tales of the Tower’s famous feathered guardians. Draw these magnificent birds up close as they pose alongside the Tower’s very own Ravenmaster.


Drawn at the Tower with Art Macabre presents

Royal Beasts, Tuesday 24 May 2016, 6.30-9pm

The Tower was once the historic home to a magnificent menagerie of beasts: from Barbary lions and the first elephants in England, to mischievous monkeys and a polar bear who swam in the river Thames. Explore through drawing the stories of London’s first zoo. More information to come!

Menagerie Tower of London The menagerie at the Tower of London


Tuesday 15 February, Tower of Love: Romance is Dead. Guest artist Lozzy Bones – SOLD OUT

Tuesday 15 March, Witchcraft and Dark Arts. Guest artist Jason Atomic

Wednesday 13 April, Ravens and Morbid Corvids. Sketch the Tower’s famous corvids! Guest the Ravenmaster. SOLD OUT

Tuesday 24 May, Royal Beasts. Guest Tim Maynard’s Travelling Menagerie (tbc- watch this space!)

Tickets are between £20 to £24 (concessions see website)- block booking discounts also available. All drawing materials, paper and a drink included in the ticket price.