On Saturday 4 July, we were invited by Royal Academy to unleash acrobat life models onto the geometric ceramic sculpture installation ‘Unexpected Hill’. We had a flipping brilliant time with our two contortionist models, Tommaso and Amy, bending into incredible poses across the sculptural shapes. In the heat of the July sunshine, their gold leotards and acrobatic skills dazzles spectators and sketchers all day from 12-5pm- quite a feat!

Hundreds of families and visitors of all ages enjoyed drawing with us across the celebrations as Burlington Gardens, outside RA, was closed to traffic and turned into a creative, architecture themed street party! We loved seeing children and adults of all ages take up their crayon, coloured tape and charcoal to capture  our challenging poses. Most poses were dynamic and short (as such tricky poses to hold) between 2 and 10 minutes. Other activities on the day included screen printing, live music, Lego workshops and special garden installations on site.

Thanks to Gwen and Imogen at RA for having us, assistants Farida and Phil, Models Tommaso Di Vincenzo and Amy Nick. Photos by  Benedict Johnson (c).

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693A9959 693A9964 IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_0002 693A9968 IMG_0002 IMG_0006 IMG_9886 IMG_0008 IMG_9887 IMG_9891 IMG_9893 IMG_9895 IMG_9892 IMG_9899 IMG_9902 IMG_9905 IMG_9906 IMG_9910 IMG_9982 IMG_9993 IMG_9994

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