CHALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: JULY 2013 We celebrated the heat of summer with a journey to unravel the secrets of the tomb and Ancient Eqypt. As featured by Time Out, Katie Antoniou modelled as Cleopatra, alongside not one but two other Cleopatras! Our trio of Cleos explored the different portrayals of the legendary last Pharaoh and powerful woman who died from an asp bite, or was it poisoned ointment? Poses portrayed the different deaths. We also had Ancient Egyptian god Anubis, guardian of the underworld and afterlife, weighing the dead’s hearts, plus feline goddess of fertility Bast. Ancient Egypt is such a rich theme…we hope to revisit it soon in the future.

All photos by Linsay Trerise and Nikki Shaill, copyright Art Macabre 2013.

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This drawing by artist and model Kate Shields

photo (3)photo (4)photo (1)photo (5)

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