DIGITAL DYSTOPIA  October 2013 at Cass Art, Islington took the Big Draw’s theme of ‘Draw Tomorrow’ as inspiration, alongside celebrating Cass Art launching their online shop. We imagined a future dystopia where drawing with traditional pencils and pens, manual drawing, by humans is outlawed, and only sanctioned android artists are allowed to create artwork – supervised by the all seeing villain ‘The Mechanic’ engineering these perfect drawing replicating machines. Participants met Raven Rouge’s great grand daughter, The Watcher, who posing as a security guard for The Mechanic and his authorities, had set up a secret underground sketching speak easy that dared to rediscover the illegal, rebellious act of old school drawing with pencil and paper instead of technology.


The cyborg model Ava suffered at the hands of The Mechanic, but revenge was sweet at the end, as old school drawing techniques won through. We hope you’ll agree, the artwork created as pictured here shows that we should all fight hard in the Campaign for Drawing and strive to #savethefateofdrawing so that future generations can enjoy mark making and avoid a scary vision of the future we imagined from becoming a reality… Thanks to Aaron Jacob Jones for the photos and models Steve Ritter and Ava Iscariot. All photos rights reserved Art Macabre, not to be republished or used without prior permissions.

IMG_0097IMG_0103IMG_0090IMG_0046 IMG_0109 IMG_0113 IMG_0117 IMG_0119 IMG_0122 IMG_0123 IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0136 IMG_0146 IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0151 IMG_0154 IMG_0156 IMG_0163 IMG_0167 IMG_0165 IMG_0171 IMG_0174 IMG_7738 IMG_7740 IMG_7745 IMG_7746 IMG_7749 IMG_7750IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7753 IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7757IMG_7845 IMG_7852 IMG_7861 IMG_7810 IMG_7837 IMG_7836 IMG_7849

IMG_7752 IMG_7751IMG_7768 IMG_7757 IMG_7767 IMG_7766 IMG_7765 IMG_7758 IMG_7764 IMG_7763IMG_0051 IMG_0049 IMG_0053 IMG_0095 IMG_7858 IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7854 IMG_7856

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