Exhibition Launch

Exhibition open until Sunday 24 May. 12-6pm weekend opening. Friday 12-3pm.

Photos by Aaron Jacob Jones  & Nikki Shaill for Art Macabre (c)
Crowd scene

We had a celebration event with a late evening opening of the exhibition THE DYING ART on Thursday 21 May 2015 at The Old School Rooms, URC at The Round Chapel in Clapton. The artists and guests enjoyed meeting one another, eating skull snacks, sipping local brews from Pressure Drop, some drop-in death drawing, and most importantly talking about death together in a positive, sometimes emotional, open way.

Over the week, over 250 visited the exhibition. There was a mixture of different ages, from children and families to older people.  Like responses and thoughts on death itself, the responses that the exhibition has provoked have been varied and individual. From thoughtful discussion, to laughter and sparking anecdotes about funny things that happened at family funerals, to tears and memories shared:

“Made me laugh, made me cry- very poignant” Carole
“Really interesting to see someone returning identity to the dead and items.” Kat
“Great to see so many perspectives on death” Caroline
“So beautiful and thoughtful. So good to see death considered so openly” Anon

People Richard looking art

People looking lux work

Nikki Shaill's piece - a tribute to her Grandad 'Relics/Shaill Mail'

Nikki Shaill’s piece – a tribute to her Grandad ‘Relics/Shaill Mail’

steve hugging stan

Art Macabrel model Steve Ritter posed for some drop-in death drawing with Stanley the Skeleton (modelling some of our macabre merchandise too! Nice rossette placement to make Facebook safe #freethenipple)


Happy nikki

Curator and Art Macabre director Nikki Shaill looking rather happy! Marie-Louise Jones’ Hairy Mary artwork in the background



Boyds the one


Thanks to everyone for coming and showing your support for the exhibition and Dying Matters Awareness Week. Don’t forget to think about and do the 5 things before you die, on the postcards you took away.

Thanks to our volunteers: Steve Ritter, Amy Nick, Gee Potter, Amy Nick, Emily Lake, Clare Bungey, Heather Shaill, Rosemary Dean & Aaron Jacob Jones (who also took these photos). Thanks to Tasha Marks for donating AVM Curiosities edible anatomical prints- treasures to take away. Thanks to the amazing team at The Round Chapel for hosting us, including Paula, Rob, Joe and Jorn from I Love Chatsworth Rd who pioneered the use of the space as a gallery and gave us the idea!

Amy looking

Astrid looking 2

The Artchemist aka Astrid


Matroyshka skull dolls by Karina Yazylyan

Matroyshka skull dolls by Karina Yazylyan

Natalie Thomas' Empty Chair, Aaron Jacob Jones' The Red Shoes & A Matter of Life and Death by Lizzie Learman

Natalie Thomas’ Empty Chair, Aaron Jacob Jones’ The Red Shoes & A Matter of Life and Death by Lizzie Learman

Artist Lozzy Bones with her artworks

Artist Lozzy Bones with her artworks


Gem Skull

Our edible tribute to Paul Koudounaris !

Mr Pipe

Yes. We’re in Hackney.

Lozzy pressure drop 2

Death Drawing 3 nude

Gee MAya 2

Drawing Gee

Death Drawing blur

Death Drwaing aaron work



FINAL ruth looking one to use














IMG_9180 IMG_9181 IMG_9190 IMG_9233 IMG_9237 IMG_9255 IMG_9256 IMG_9257 IMG_9259

IMG_9046[1] IMG_9278

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