We invited the audience of The Lost Lectures in July 2013 to draw near to our macabre mannequin scene and sketch our shadowy, uncanny scene. Over 250 Lostlings took part in our salon within the derelict and dusty underground space of Selfridges Hotel, as part of the event featuring speakers, Black Cab Sessions and Odette Toilette’s Scentiments interactive odours session. Some striking artwork was created and joined the gallery over two nights that saw 1000 people share in what we do and get a taste of Art Macabre. Featuring Ava Iscariot as our living, moving mannequin. Designed and created by Nikki Shaill and Linsay Trerise. Thanks to Aaron Jacob Jones, Andi and Linsay for all their hard work running and creating the salons. Photos by Art Macabre 2013, all rights reserved.
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