We were part of The Other Art Fair near Baker Street, at Ambika P3, as part of Cass Art’s workshop programme.

We paid tribute to one of our favourite artists, Dan Hillier, in a series of salons for Other Art Fair visitors that presented models in Gothic raven costumes, dressed as skull faced stags romancing feathered bird ladies.

Here are some of the results and artwork. Featuring models Coffee+Sponge, Betsy Rose and Mika the Raven Lady. All images rights reserved. Photos by Nikki Shaill Art Macabre and Liesel Thomas, Cass Art. Mural artwork by the very talented Emily Evans.

FEATHERSDRAWING 318151_294192194002989_1730106841_n 383523_294192074003001_737531287_n 522896_294191810669694_358437979_n 525964_294190204003188_1020584633_n 532809_294190937336448_1785916179_n 532883_294190567336485_696841798_n 533019_294191507336391_1894067342_n 536604_294190370669838_316415427_n 537533_294191267336415_674728751_n 540223_294190284003180_1568047284_n 543200_294189644003244_116232421_n 546037_294190674003141_1894808594_n 547293_294190494003159_636867302_n 550477_294191040669771_70582997_n 556262_294191607336381_1947837053_n 560125_294189717336570_448213915_n 560743_294189910669884_481420909_n 574928_294191897336352_1316928453_n 574962_294191167336425_945149658_n 577456_294192420669633_1946315494_n 578066_294191397336402_1600113904_n 579537_294190090669866_1077590691_n 579771_294192304002978_155104607_n FEATHERS FEATHERS3

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