KatePete On Midsummer’s eve, the Royal Academy of Arts invited us to be part of their late night Summer Exhibition event ‘Midsummer Night’s Fete’. We were delighted to welcome hundreds of participants across the evening event during drop in and structured workshops in the RA’s 19th Century Life Drawing Room. We celebrated the solstice with rammed Pucks, dark gothic Queen Titania and of course a bare Bottom in ass ears! It was a unique event and we’ve never been so in demand as to have to spill into the corridors before! Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers Steve, Farida and Amy, Jon Attfield for facilitating and leading the session as the Erl King and our models Elizabeth, Kate and Peter. Photos by Jon Attfield & Benedict Johnson, courtesy Royal Academy of Arts. For more info on the event and RA programme we were part of, see Steve’s blog about it here. O CrowdGoodAngleBlurredBodies                      viewdrawingscenehorse queenkate

Displaying photo 4.JPGDisplaying photo 5.JPG Smilingladydrawing PeterPuckCrowd IMG_2092 Horsecrowdscenelight Honeydrawingportrait DrawingFigureConcentrating CrowdDrawingtoCrop CrowdDrawingcircle AdultssmilingenjoyingDrawing

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