At DEATH OF A SUPER HERO, May 2013, we donned spandex and masks, took up alter-egos and mourned the fading of the world’s favourite superhero- Man of Steel, Clarke Kent aka SUPERMAN.

Massive thanks to all models (Georgie aka Lady Loki, Maud aka Death, Lou aka Clarke/Superman and Ruth aka Lois Lane) for their superhuman efforts and dynamic poses on the night. Plus huge high fives to Jon Attfield aka Blue Arrow (our comic consultant, superhero super fan who put a lot of love in to making this event happen), Linsay Trerise aka the Incredible Sulk for creating amazingly realistic rubble and the KAPOW! signs (more of those to pop up in future salons) and other costumes & props, David Geewai Ho for photographing and Orbital Comics for generously donating prizes of graphic novels and comics as prizes.

All photos copyright of Art Macabre 2013 and David Geewai Ho (c)

DSC_9139 DSC_9142 DSC_9141 DSC_9158 DSC_9152DSC_9358DSC_9193 DSC_0010 DSC_0009DSC_9180 DSC_0017 DSC_9363 DSC_9182 DSC_9210DSC_9224DSC_9225DSC_9341 DSC_0023DSC_9292DSC_9265 DSC_9234DSC_9249DSC_9223 DSC_0027DSC_9244DSC_9364DSC_9345DSC_9344DSC_9271DSC_0035DSC_0040DSC_0055 DSC_0058DSC_9357DSC_9343 DSC_9296 DSC_9293DSC_9245DSC_9291DSC_0051 DSC_9281DSC_0062DSC_9314 DSC_0063 DSC_0066DSC_9322DSC_0073DSC_0070 DSC_0069DSC_0079DSC_9325DSC_9338DSC_9340 DSC_9257 DSC_9261DSC_0087

Kryptonite Krispies were on sale to eat

DSC_0093And the amazing image where it all began, from the mind of  a 4 year old Jon:

supermanJon says: “28 years ago this picture was painted, tonight it came to life at ‘Death of a Superhero’… and it was amazing. The 4 year old kid who painted this was unleashed as I was able to take the comic books and characters that have inspired me and my art work and bring them to life, giving others a chance to be inspired and draw some amazing stuff.”

Awwww…..mission completed!


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