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JAN 2017

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Saturday 21 January, 2-4pm

@ The Book Club, Shoreditch                                          DEATH DRAWING: SANTA MUERTE 

Sketch our skull faced model Lou Lou, depicting the macabre saint Santa Muerte as we kick off the year.

£12 adv, £15 on the door. Book here

Friday 3 February
, Art Macabre will run sessions at two different museum Late events.

FRI 3 FEB – ROBOTS:THE UNCANNY VALLEY @ British Academy’s Love, Sex and Marriage with a Robot Late

Explore robotics and romance, sex and cyborgs, with us at a specially themed event as part of the Late event exploring these future themes. With models Amy Kingsmill and FoxGlove (photo by Damien Frost).

Info and tickets here


FRIDAY 3 FEB: WILD ONES @ Wellcome Collection Friday Late Spectacular with Crick Crack Club.

Sketch Frankie Cluney as hairy Mary Magdalene and a wild man folk figure, plus special guests. Explore your wild side, inspired by Charles Freger’s photography and folk tales from around the world.

Info and tickets here

Photo: Frankie Cluney by Jake Spicer

Saturday 4 February, 2-4pm @ The Book Club, Shoreditch


1960s anniversary of the classic film and novel themed special. With models Manko and Carla as the leading characters Jennifer and Neely. Trace their fame and fortune and descent into addiction, drugs and depression. Tickets & info here



Monday 13 February, 7-9pm @ Tower of London

TOWER OF LOVE: ROMANCE IS DEADDrawn at the Tower with Art Macabre Valentines’ special

Join our anti-Valentine sketching special, dedicated to those who died at the Tower in the name of love. Enter the drama and tragedy of the Tudor court, and explore Henry VIII’s doomed love affair with Anne Boleyn. Sketch our costumed models as they pose as the doomed lovers’ ghosts at the very site of Anne’s burial in the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula.

Guest artist Hybrid Desire.

Tickets £24/£20 concession. Info and tickets on sale here. 



Image of Game of Thrones: Art Macabre Death Drawing, Sat 18 Feb, 1-3pm

Saturday 18 February, 1-3pm @ Rooftop Wigwam ‘Skye Halla’ at Queen of Hoxton

GAME OF THRONESMother of Dragons

Drawing Cult and Art Macabre return to explore Game of Thrones inspired stories of romance and tragedy, fantastical costumes and scenes once more! This time in the setting of the rooftop wigwam. Hot cocktails and mead available to drink in this atmospheric venue from the Vikings bar.




Saturday 18 February, 7-10.30pm


Sketch model performers as they demonstrate a series of Constructivist and biomechanic exercises, as developed by Meyerhold and the roots of modern physical theatre.

Part of a wider programme of activities, performances and exhibition at RA Late inspired by Russia.

MARCH 2017

Image result for Emma Hamilton Late celebrity

THURS 16 MARCH, 7-9pm

Emma Hamilton The Attitudes with Art Macabre and Frankie Cluney

@ National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Part of International Women’s Month.

Info and tickets here £15 includes exhibition entry and life drawing salon























20 Responses to NEXT EVENTS

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  2. Ru says:

    I reviewed your wonderful drawing salon over on my blog:

    It was great fun and I had a wonderful time. Hope to join you again if I’ve got pocked money left over once I pay rent.

  3. lusy says:

    do we buy tickets on the door or before hand?

    • It’s best to buy tickets in advance, via Cass Art by calling their flagship store in Islington, although sometimes tickets are available on the door on the day. Wouldnt want you to be disappointed and miss out though! We’ll keep the blog and twitter updated as to when we sell out @ArtMacabreLDN
      Tix will be available to buy online as of next month we’re excited to annouce, but until then give the lovely people at Cass Art a call on 020 7354 2999

  4. Angela Lau says:

    Really bummed i will miss the 8 Sep event at Hackney – PLEASE please please, can you do another one…? can be a different theme… but same carnival events? I guess… Carnivale…?

  5. Angela Lau says:

    I have double booked myself – I have booked the Halloween Special, even though I can’t make it because I’ve got the theatre booked the same night! Which one to do…

  6. Angela says:

    Having trouble paying for the November event, it’s forcing me to use my PayPal account which I just don’t use…?

  7. Angela Lau says:

    Apart from the one in Kingston, I am booked for all the other October ones… the only thing is that I’m double booked for both events! But for sure I can make the Derby one… I’ll pay you cash next time I see you. Put me on the ticketlist! I’ll let you know which October one I can definitely make.

  8. Angela Lau says:

    Is there Skate Hire?

  9. Ah, no Angela! It’s not a skating event! Just skater models, stories etc but you can’t skate yourself…skating and drawing at the same time would be very very tricky!!

  10. Angela says:

    Oh phew!

  11. Angela Lau says:

    will miss the Barts one, already have theatre booked but can make the other ones…

  12. Angela Lau says:

    For Movember, will one of your models have a mo… er, elsewhere? cos that would be interesting! 🙂

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