We returned to Barts Pathology Museum to work with Carla Valentine for a ‘BArt Macabre: 50 Shades of Pathology’ special in April 2015. Exploring different colours in pathology, connected to the ‘Death Under Glass’ art exhibition, we bodypainted models Louise and Steve with anatomical organs and pathological patterns and they posed with skulls and bones within the collection. Wonderful sketches were created as a result!

We can’t wait to return there again for Dead Meet: Death & The Maiden on 2 July 2015.

Photos thanks to Aaron Jacob Jones & Art Macabre (c) All rights reserved. Models Steve Ritter and Louise. Bodypainting Nikki Shaill & Aaron Jacob Jones. Art direction Nikki Shaill. Collaboration and event concept Carla Valentine and Nikki Shaill. Location Barts Pathology Museum.



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