Flesh and bone, medicine and magic, life and death…The Urban Physic Garden had all this and more when Art Macabre went outside to play. There was even a poison cabinet of the most toxic plants, such as foxglove. We had fun in the sun posing in character amongst the flowerbeds as the highly addictive Opium Poppy (‘bringer of sleep’), Bella Donna aka ‘Death Cherries’ and the scary scarecrow lovechild of Wurzel and Aunt Sally! The event was family friendly and people of different ages enjoyed a relaxed free afternoon drawing the deadly powers of plants. Take a look at some of the artwork created. We love Alice Sweet’s style!

Photos by Lucinda Chell and Nikki Shaill for Art Macabre Drawing Salons 2011, all rights reserved.

Thanks to photographer Natalja Burkhardt who also helped to document the event. Here are some of her images. All rights reserved 2011.


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